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Whether you are an academic researcher or a media professional, we can support you through the various stages of your project, from initial development to implementation and the pursuit of funding opportunities.

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We leverage our extensive network to help you find the right project partners.


We help you define and structure your project from the initial design stage.

Funding search

We actively support you in your search for third-party funding.

Direct financing

We can finance your project directly under certain conditions.

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We can help you turn research results into tangible applications.


We leverage research findings through communication support.

Priority topics endorsed by IMI

To benefit from our support, projects should address one or more of the challenges faced by the media today.

Cross-cutting issues:

  • Preserving the quality and diversity of information
  • Strengthening public trust in journalistic values
  • Ensuring the transition from traditional models to digital services

Priority topics:

  • Harnessing the potential of AI while mitigating risks
  • Leveraging data to better understand and serve audiences while protecting user privacy
  • Exploring new interactive and immersive formats and storytelling
  • Countering misinformation and disinformation
  • Developing new digital business and revenue models
  • Encouraging public participation through community-driven approaches

IMI supported projects

Our research-oriented projects are always conducted in partnership with media companies, putting their needs at the center of our search for solutions. In addition, start-ups and industry partners may also be involved to accelerate the development of prototypes.


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