About IMI

We develop forward-looking, human-centered partnerships at the intersection of science and media to drive transformative change for the benefit of society.

IMI is an academia-industry alliance founded and supported by EPFL, SRG SSR and Triangle Azur—a cooperation network between the Universities of Geneva, Lausanne and Neuchâtel. Our goal is to stimulate interdisciplinary research and provide transformative solutions for media and society in the fields of journalism, digital trust, AI and data science. We believe that collaboration and innovation are crucial to ensuring the existence of reliable, diverse, and high-quality information, especially at a time when such information is increasingly under threat.

Since 2018, we have

Worked with 22 affiliated labs

Partnered with 10 media organizations

Supported 24 projects

Sponsored more than 220 academic, media and industry experts and students through our projects

Played key roles in SNSF- and EU-funded research and innovation projects

Developed a training program for media professionals that will launch in the fall of 2024

IMI governance

We are hosted by EPFL, where the Media Center is responsible for managing our Initiative and acts as an enabler between academic institutions and media companies. Our Board oversees the strategic decisions and development of IMI. The Scientific Committee reviews and recommends projects and supports our activities.