Direct Financing

Thanks to the contributions of our members, we maintain an innovation support fund that enables us to directly finance or co-finance research-oriented projects in partnership with media, industry and civil organizations. In doing so, we intend to uphold the principle of applied research, enabling non-academic partners to find sustainable solutions in an ever-changing world and scientific institutions to conduct novel research in their fields of excellence.

Applying for a grant

Below is an overview of the framework and requirements for submitting a project proposal to IMI for direct financing.



Our grants are primarily open to scientific institutions and media organizations affiliated with IMI, but third parties may also apply, in which case they are encouraged to either establish a collaboration with an IMI member or provide a financial or in-kind contribution to the project.


Project length

From a few months to 24 months.


Grant amount

Generally up to CHF 120,000 per year (excluding overhead costs).


Non-academic partnership

Each project must involve a media, industry or civil organization, preferably through active participation or at least endorsement.


Please review the document below for further guidance, or contact us for more specific assistance at any stage of your project’s development.

Past thematic calls for proposals