Scientific Expertise and Media Discourse


Now more than ever, the ability of journalists to quickly contextualize information and find experts who can answer their questions is becoming a key asset in creating relevant and quality news stories. This project aims to leverage interviews of scientists by journalists, by developing a web platform that automatically maps the topics covered by Avis d’experts, Le Temps and on Wikipedia, in order to help journalists to take position in the face of current events in general and misinformation in particular.

Keywords :
media, contextualization, reliability, mapping, qualitative analysis, semantic analysis
Original title

“Expertise scientifique et discours médiatiques”


12 months

People involved

Principal investigators

Agathe Chevalier (Universities of Western Switzerland – RTS)

Prof. Boris Beaude (UNIL)

Prof. Laurence Kaufmann (UNIL)



Olivier Glassey (UNIL)

Ogier Maitre (UNIL)

Matthieu Devaux (UNIL)

Philippe Gonzalez (UNIL)

Marine Kneubühler (UNIL)

Radu Suciu (UNIGE)


Media partner

Gaël Hürlimann (Le Temps)


Industry partner

Ulrich Fischer (Memoways)

Academic institutions

Science and Technology Studies Laboratory – STSLab (UNIL)

THEMA Laboratory (UNIL)

Interfaculty Center for Bioethics and Social Sciences in Medicine – CIBSHM (UNIGE)

Media partners

RTS – Radio Télévision Suisse (SRG) – Avis d’experts

Le Temps (Ringier)

Industry partner



This project started in October 2019 and has been completed

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