With delinearization, audience fragmentation, and the new habits of Millennials (in the broadest sense, which also includes the youngest generation, Generation Z), the visibility of public service media requires both content innovation and new online social interactions. It is a question of capturing attention by making the source of online content recognizable (akin to an inbound marketing strategy). Ultimately, the main objective of this project is to reach younger audiences by implementing a conversational tool, such as a chatbot.

To this end, the Medi@LAB-Genève institute of the University of Geneva will first conduct a twofold survey (semi-directive interviews and an in-depth survey on practices), in order to define the functionalities of a chatbot tailored to the specific needs of the media partner, RTS, as well as to the target audiences. They will then conduct a state-of-the-art analysis of the innovations being developed around chatbots and artificial intelligence, drawing notably on their extensive international networks. Lastly, they will define, in synergy with RTS, the optimal methodology for targeting young audiences who are essentially connected to social platforms. The result should be a conversational tool that will be developed by internal teams at RTS with the support of external resources and expertise. By the end of the project, this chatbot will be deployed, tested and evaluated.

Keywords :
public service media, audiences, conversation, millennials, chatbot

12 months

People involved

Principal investigators

Prof. Patrick-Yves Badillo (UNIGE)

Prof. Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo (UNIGE)



Philippe Amez-Droz (UNIGE)

Laura Puglisi (UNIGE)

Karen Pelletier (UNIGE)

Mariama Mane (UNIGE)

Prof. em. Dominique Bourgeois (UNIFR)

Prof. François Mariet (Paris Dauphine University)


Media partners

Christophe Schenk (RTS)

Amélie Boguet (RTS)

Eric Borgo (RTS)

Academic institution

Medi@LAB-Genève (UNIGE)

Computer Science Center – CUI (UNIGE)

Media partner

RTS – Radio Télévision Suisse (SRG) – RTSinfo


This project started in January 2021 and is ongoing

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