Media Observatory Initiative


Moving toward digitalization, the news ecosystem goes through a transition phase that eases access to topical issues but tends to amplify disinformation, consequently undermining public’s trust in the media. We propose a concrete solution through the development of a Web-based Media Observatory in order to promote information literacy and to reconcile media with their audience. The observatory has the following key objectives: giving the public access to algorithmic solutions to monitor the news landscape, developing transparent quality and credibility indicators and creating a meeting point to foster multidisciplinary research opportunities.

Keywords :
observatory, digitalization, media sustainability, news ecosystem, visualization

Project outputs


12 months

People involved

Principal investigator

Prof. Karl Aberer (EPFL)



Jérémie Rappaz (EPFL)

Marco Romanelli (EPFL)


Media partners

Gaël Hürlimann (Le Temps)

Catherine Frammery (Le Temps)

Academic institutions

Distributed Information Systems Laboratory – LSIR (EPFL)

Media partners

Le Temps (Ringier)


This project started in October 2019 and is ongoing

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