IMI Research Grant

The IMI Research Grant is designed to support media-related research and innovation projects, either through periodic thematic calls or through the open submission of proposals on priority topics.

In general, grant applications are primarily open to academic institutions and media organizations affiliated with IMI or to third parties collaborating with IMI members. Projects can last from a few months to up to 24 months, and grants are generally limited to CHF 120,000 per year (excluding overhead costs). Finally, a media organization must be involved in each project, either by contributing or at least by endorsing it.

To learn more about the criteria, requirements, submission guidelines and evaluation process for such projects, please read the Funding Request document.

Open submission for projects on priority topics

As a result of the digital shift, traditional media organizations are facing many critical challenges that threaten their existence and force them to undergo a profound transformation. To help them, we support research and innovation projects on the following priority topics, which are by no means exclusive:

  • Ensure the quality and diversity of information
  • Evolve traditional business models to digital offerings
  • Ensure access to media for all audiences and adapt to their new consumption habits
  • Harness the potential of artificial intelligence while protecting user privacy
  • Build trust and foster dialogue with the public
  • Explore formats and narratives that encourage audience engagement
  • Gain a better understanding of user behavior and needs
  • Ensure the independence of the media from outside pressure and influence

Call for projects 2023

With our latest call for projects, we invite researchers and journalists to explore new immersive or virtual experiences and the underlying distributed and open infrastructures that are being designed to support the evolution of the web.

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