IMI Research Grant

With digitization, traditional media companies are going through a transition phase that will prove decisive for their future. To help them, we support applied, experimental, multidisciplinary and exploratory research projects, which can last from a few months to a maximum of 3 years, by granting funding that in principle should not exceed CHF 120,000 per year and per project—omitting overheads. Such projects must involve and be coordinated by at least one of our affiliated universities, and require a partnership to be built with at least one of our media members. External collaborations, including international ones, are encouraged.

As of January 2021, grant applications may be submitted at any time after an initial contact with us for a preliminary discussion.

Priority issues for the media

  • Evolve traditional business models to capture digital audiences
  • Adapt to audience consumption habits while ensuring universal accessibility
  • Leverage the potential of Artificial Intelligence for the media
  • Restore public trust and encourage audience engagement
  • Explore formats and narratives that stimulate public interaction
  • Improve the understanding of the audience and its behavior

For more information, including the full terms of participation, submission process, evaluation criteria and timeline, please refer to the document below which is available in English or French.