Digital Trust 4 Media: Navigating the Media-Tech Nexus

With the growing influence of digital technologies on communication and social dynamics, it is crucial to explore the relationship between digital trust and media. This event, which will be held on May 22 at the Swiss Hanok, is part of the Swiss-Korean Innovation Week, an annual initiative organized by the Embassy of Switzerland in the Republic of Korea and the Science & Technology Office Seoul to facilitate cooperation between Switzerland and Korea in the field of research and innovation. The theme of this year’s edition is “The Trust Equation”.

The event, entitled “Digital Trust 4 Media: Navigating the Media-Tech Nexus”, will be organized in two consecutive sessions. The first will address the pressing challenges posed by misinformation and disinformation, highlighting their profound impact on public discourse. The second will examine the dual role of technology, exploring its potential as both a threat and a tool for fostering trust. Led by experts, these sessions will provide valuable insights for anyone interested in the convergence of media and technology.

Registration is open until May 21 using the link below.

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  • 14h00: Welcome Remarks
    Dagmar SCHMIDT TARTAGLI, Ambassador of Switzerland in the Republic of Korea
  • 14h08: Keynote Speech
    Balthasar STAEHELIN, ICRC

Session 1 – Building Digital Trust: Navigating Challenges and Societal Impacts in the Media Landscape

  • 14h20: Presentations
    What are the challenges of misinformation/disinformation and its impact on civic discourse?

    • Prof. Jeongsub LIM, Sogang University
    • Prof. Sujin CHOI, Kyung Hee University
    • Christophe SCHENK, RTS
  • 15h00: Panel Discussion
    What is the role of public and private actors in building digital trust? How much responsibility should be assumed?
    Chaired by Melanie KOLBE-GUYOT, C4DT/EPFL
  • 15h55: Q&A from the Audience
  • 16h05: Coffee Break

Session 2 – How can technology contribute or either pose threats to the establishment of trust?

  • 16h35: Presentations
    How can technology and science like AI and machine learning help filter misinformation or validate sources?

    • Yeowoon BAE, SBS
    • Jaeho CHOI, Naver
    • Prof. Yash Raj SHRESTHA, UNIL
    • Prof. Touradj EBRAHIMI, EPFL
  • 17h15: Panel Discussion
    How should these technologies be used by different stakeholders, such as journalists, news portals, and social media?
    With the above speakers and Prof. Fabrizio GILARDI, UZH
    Chaired by Melanie KOLBE-GUYOT, C4DT/EPFL
  • 18h10: Q&A from the Audience
  • 18h20: Closing