Digital media and the public: a shared commitment!

As part of Digital Day 2019, which took place on 3 September, the Academy of Journalism and Media (AJM) of the University of Neuchâtel, EPFL, Le Temps and RTS organized, with support from the IMI, a public event in Lausanne to discuss the relationship between the media and society in the digital age.

This interactive dialogue – referred to as “Tell” by the organizers of Digital Day – is based on the concept of “World Café”, which allows participants to share their ideas and suggestions in small groups in a creative way. To stimulate the discussions, several key stakeholders (editor-in-chief, experts, guest speaker) were invited and took part in the groups.

This event brought together about a hundred media consumers, enthusiasts and experts who formed a diverse audience and explored the future of digital media with three main questions. Who do you trust the most to stay informed, the media or your networks? What do you like or not like about the current work of the media on their new platforms? What should the media do to better meet your expectations?

In the media

Restaurer la confiance entre les médias et le public” (Le Temps)

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  • 17h30: Registration
  • 18h00: Welcome – Stéphane Benoit-Godet
    Editor-in-Chief of Le Temps
  • 18h15: Talks by experts
    Sandra Jean, Editorial Director of Le Nouvelliste
    Aude Favre, Journalist on YouTube (WTFake) and at France TV Slash
    Titus Plattner, Innovation Project Manager and Investigative Reporter at Tamedia
  • 18h45: Interactive dialogue in groups
  • 19h30: Guest speaker – Darius Rochebin
    Journalist and Presenter at RTS
  • 19h45: Cocktail reception and networking
  • 20h30: End of the event

Moderation: Madiana Asseraf-Jacob, Head of Business Development & Young Audiences at EBU