AI for Media & Democracy

On 30 March, C4DT and IMI hosted a track at the AMLD EPFL 2022 conference under the theme of “AI for Media & Democracy”.

Information is a crucial component of democracy. It keeps tabs on the activities of the most powerful actors in society, from governments to multinationals and very affluent individuals. But in recent years, concerns about the algorithmization of information and the spread of false information, especially on large social networks, as well as the emergence of deepfakes, have undermined people’s trust in online information, the media and institutions in general. In addition, personal data and privacy issues are at the heart of the digital economy, which also affects online media outlets, particularly because of their reliance on advertising revenues and the rise of content offerings that require users to log in.

This track addressed three main topics:

  • Protection of journalists and their sources
  • Manipulation of public opinion
  • Information security and personal data protection

In total, approximately 250 people attended the three sessions in-person.

Video playlist

“Auditing Algorithms” (Julia Angwin)

“The Datashare project – Designing a Privacy-Preserving Document Search Engine” (Wouter Lueks)

“Deepfakes – Why Seeing is no Longer Believing!” (Touradj Ebrahimi)

“CompaSciences – Mapping Scientific Knowledge in Switzerland” (Agathe Chevalier)

Manipulation of Public Opinion: Panel Discussion

Information Security and Personal Data Protection: Panel Discussion

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