an academia-industry alliance to foster media innovation

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We support the transformation of the media sector through scientific research.


We strive to build a bridge between academia and the media industry.


We are open to new members and eager to collaborate with like-minded institutions.

Featured projects

CompaSciences 2.0
CompaSciences 2.0

CompaSciences is an innovative web platform for the semantic, computational and qualitative analysis of media[…]

Automatic Labeling of Visual Data
Automatic Labeling of Visual Data

Today, we live in a world where breaking news are almost instantly captured by the[…]

PASSAGE: Subtitling of Swiss German into Standard German
PASSAGE: Subtitling of Swiss German into Standard German

This project aims to develop, in collaboration with SRF and recapp IT, an automatic post-editing[…]

About us

Our Initiative brings together academic, public and private partners who have joined forces to support and develop innovation in the media and IT sector. Our aim is to initiate research and innovation projects with affiliated universities and in partnership with our media members, and to engage with a wider community involving researchers, media professionals and investors.

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Our collaborative projects and activities are funded by the annual contributions of our members.

Ordinary members Affiliate members Partners
Annual contribution (min. 2 years) Fixed fee Flexible fee n/a
Membership status Full (with practically the same rights as the founding members) Affiliate (only gives access to a selection of collaborative projects) n/a
May Influence the development of the Initiative Yes No No

We are open to all private and public organizations, in Switzerland or abroad, who wish to join and are active in the relevant fields.

EPFL Media Center

We are hosted by EPFL where the Media Center is in charge of running the Initiative and acts as an interface between academic institutions and media companies.

Mounir Krichane

Mounir Krichane

Leonor Camporeale

Leonor Camporeale

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