DHdays 2022

DH & Media

Co-organized by the EPFL College of Humanities (CDH) and the dhCenter UNIL-EPFL, in collaboration with IMI, DHdays 2022 were held at the SwissTech Convention Center and online on 22-23 June.

The event was conceived as a celebration of the interdisciplinary research being done by the local community and beyond, in particular how digital innovations across domains in the arts, humanities and social sciences are impacting the world we live in.

More concretely, DHdays highlighted the breadth and global impact of digital humanities work, with this year’s edition focusing on three key themes:

  • DH & Media
  • DH & Education
  • DH & Heritage

In total, nearly 400 people attended the entire event in-person or online, with approximately 150 attending the DH & Media session on 22 June.

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Program and speakers